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Managing volunteers in a hospice can be an extremely rewarding, but often challenging job.  Hospices involve large numbers of volunteers, working in a highly regulated environment, taking on a wide variety of roles, across a number of sites.  But there’s a good chance that any challenge you face has been faced before; any question you have has been answered, any policy you need has already been written and any idea you are considering might well have been tested by someone else. 

AVSM exists to enable you to ask those questions and share that knowledge.  As an AVSM member you will have access to a national network of hospice volunteer managers.  You can talk to them online, join them at one of our many regional meetings or national online meetings or attend our national conference. 

Join now and start to experience the benefits of the friendly and supportive community. 

Some of our existing members:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join the AVSM membership?
Membership is open to anyone who has responsibility for the management of volunteers within their organisation. That includes those whose primary responsibility is volunteer management – such as Volunteer Services Managers – or those who have responsibility for the management of volunteers, e.g. a project providing volunteer home sitters for patients.
Can I contact the Membership Secretary?

Please contact Membership Secretary Rachel Stewart for more information.

Which region should I join?

You can find a map of all of regions here, if you’re from Wales or Northern Ireland please contact our Membership Secretary